Courtney Leatherwood is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She has been at ElderCare at Home since March 2011. The CNA Spotlight should definitely be awarded to her. She is the definition of what an ElderCare caregiver should be!

In review of her services, ElderCare truly believes that Courtney has proven to be one of the most loving caregivers that we have. She started working for her client back in late March 2011. Since then, they have been with each other a few hours a day, five days a week.

Here’s what the patient’s family had to say about Courtney!

“Courtney came into our lives through a simple coincidence, but fate has its ways. Our goal was to provide an enhanced quality of life for a family member whose wife had been too ill to pay him the attention she always had before she passed away. While the nursing home has been wonderful, Courtney has advanced our goal in so many ways. She is professional, compassionate, and committed in her relationship to her client and observant enough to allow us to be right on top of things. Though he is mute and virtually immobile, she is attentive to him and his needs, reads to him and is able to calm him if needed. I believe she is the highlight of his day.”

ElderCare knows that Courtney is an amazing caregiver. She has been reliable and fiercely loyal to her client since day one. We believe that when Courtney is caring for a patient, that person is most definitely getting the best care possible. Courtney is proactive and quick to report any issues or concerns, which is extremely beneficial to the patient. The least we can say about Courtney Leatherwood is that she has truly been a blessing to this company, we appreciate everything she does and the reputation she upholds for ElderCare at Home.