ElderCare at HomeElderCare at Home received this wonderful letter today that really summarizes our mission statement. It reads:
“To Whom It May Concern:
Please know that ElderCare at Home provided excellent personal care for my father and mother, Mannie and Phyllis Rappaport, for more than 40 hours per week for over six years.

Among all of the many things ElderCare did for my parents, my family and I were most impressed with the following: (1) Driving them to all of their different doctors’ appointments; (2) making sure they took all of their medications on time and correctly; (3) preparing all of their daily meals including the special dietary needs of my father; and (4) most of all, overseeing their personal health and hygiene while acting almost like another family member with mutal love and respect. Indeed, we cannot place a monetary value on the last item.

ElderCare’s presence allowed my parents to continue to enjoy their lives in their Florida home and also gave me and my family peace or mind knowing that they were were being well cared for.

My family and I greatly appreciate the professional and reliable services of all of ElderCare at Home’s personnel. We could not have asked for better quality of care.


Gary D. Rappaport