Confusion & How to Respond to it
The person with Alzheimer’s may not recognize familiar people, places or things. He or she may forget relationships, call family members by other names or become confused about where home is. The person may also forget the purpose of common items, such as a pen or fork. These situations are difficult for caregivers and require much patience and understanding

How to respond: Stay calm

Although being called by a different name or not being recognized can be painful, try not to make your hurt apparent.
Respond with a brief explanation

Don’t overwhelm the person with lengthy statements and reasons. Instead, clarify with a simple explanation.
Show photos and other reminders
Use photographs and other thought-provoking items to remind the person of important relationships and places.
Offer corrections as suggestions
Avoid explanations that sound like scolding. Try “I thought it was a fork,” or “I think he is your grandson Peter.”
Try not to take it personally
Remember, Alzheimer’s disease causes your loved one to forget, but your support and understanding will continue to be appreciated.