Great information from the Alzheimer’s Association on Fighting the Stigma of Alzheimer’s. Enjoy!

Why we need to fight Alzheimer’s stigma

Stigma is the use of negative labels to identify a person with a disability or illness. Stigma around Alzheimer’s disease exists, in part, due to the lack of public awareness and understanding of the disease, preventing people from:

  • seeking medical treatment when symptoms are present
  • receiving an early diagnosis or any diagnosis at all
  • living the best quality of life possible while they are able to do so
  • making plans for their future
  • benefiting from available treatments
  • developing a support system
  • participating in clinical trials

Stigma and lack of awareness also impacts Alzheimer’s disease research. The government funds Alzheimer’s research at lower rates than other diseases, even when the cost of caring for Alzheimer’s disease is significantly higher.