If you have a parent, elderly, or disabled relative who is living independently, you always want to be sure they are safe, healthy, and remember the important activities in their lives. We understand what it’s like. We also understand that, due to busy lives and demanding schedules, it’s not always possible to check on them everyday or multiple times throughout the day.

Introducing… ElderCare Callstm

ElderCare Callstm are designed to help fill in the gaps between calls and visits from you, and/or home healthcare professionals. We will check to see that your mom is taking her medicine as prescribed, and that your dad is doing his daily exercise and remembers his upcoming doctors appointment.

Unlike other services, which are automated, ElderCare Callstm are made by live people. Even though it would be less expensive for us to have a machine do all the work, we feel a machine cannot substitute for a caring and friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Only a human being can develop a relationship, provide valuable social interaction, and get a sense for when things just do not seem right.

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