ElderCare Alzheimer's Care West Palm BeachMake no mistake about it:  Taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other cognitive impairment is very hard work.  It’s probably the most demanding form of caregiving.

The person your caring for may not look like she needs help, but her needs can be daunting and her behavior can be trying.

A person with dementia will often repeat the same questions and observations over and over again, Understandably this can grate on caregivers’ nerves and keep friends and family from visiting or helping out. And on the flip side, having to repeat directions over and over for your care recipient can be exasperating.

But the rewards of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or memory loss, can be surprisingly profound.  One group of researchers pointed out that although almost all the caregivers of persons with dementia found caregiving stressful, 78% found that they were able to infuse these times with meaning and joy.  They described bonds with their loved one that would otherwise not be there.

In time, you will become the center of your loved ones world. Your caregiving journey won’t be easy,  but if you stay mindful, you will find that there will be special moments when those bonds are created,  that you can hold close and treasure forever.